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The accounting firm of Jenkins CPA, LLC based in Nixa, Missouri offers a full range of accounting, payroll, tax and consulting services to a wide variety of closely held businesses and indivduals

More than just expert business & personal accounting services.

We are determined to do one thing exceptionally well: deliver timely and accurate information that enables management to make effective business decisions.

Taxes and Accounting from Jenkins CPA in Nixa

Our job is not simply to compile and prepare reports and taxes, but to educate, advise and help you lead your company to new levels of success. At Jenkins CPA, our service offers the feeling of not being overwhelmed by the accounting profession being too “professional” for the working man or woman. It’s the ease of our business owner clients asking questions they may have without feeling intimidated. – Heather Jenkins.

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“[…they] are not afraid to tackle complex situations that come with small business accounting. I would highly recommend Jenkins CPA to anyone, as I do often.” – client since 2005

“Heather and staff have prepared my business and personal taxes for the past several years. She is very efficient, keeps her promises and treats her customers with the utmost respect.” – client since 2006

“Jenkins CPA has helped turn my business around. While other CPA’s sugar coat things, Heather has always shot straight with me. She understands that if I don’t succeed she doesn’t succeed.” – client since 2005

A full-service Accounting Firm and local Tax Office

Our Accounting Services Include 



Tax Preparation



Business Expenses

At the end of every year, a commonly asked question that we get here at Jenkins CPA is about end of year business expenses. People ask, “What do I need to do to make sure I get the best credits at the right time? Should I buy something since it’s the end of the...

Tax Preparation Guide – What to Bring When You Do Your Taxes

The number one question that most taxpayers ask when getting their taxes prepared by a credentialed tax preparer is, “What do we need to bring?” ​ When choosing to have someone else prepare your taxes for you, it can be beneficial to prepare the documents you will...

Making The Most of Your Charitable Contributions

Your out there making charitable contributions and helping your community, but are you taking advantage of all the tax benefits these charitable contributions have to offer? When tax season comes around, you want to be able to get the most...

Tax Filing Options for the Springfield Area

There are several ways you can file taxes that can guarantee you get the most out of your tax return at a rate that fits your budget and needs. Depending on your tax filing needs, there are five different ways that…

Personalized Service Levels TAILORED to YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS.

Whatever level of involvement you need, our staff is here to ensure that your questions are answered, without intimidation or the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Jenkins CPA - Accounting and Taxes in Nixa MO

Building great relationships.
Creating a strong comfort level is the foundation between a business or individual and the accounting firm representing them. We do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

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Jenkins CPA Annual Walt Disney World Giveaway

Each year we send one lucky family of four to Walt Disney World for a magical vacation. All new clients are entered into the drawing as well as the existing client that made the referral. Be sure to let us know who referred you, so we can enter them also. (no purchase necessary).