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Opening Day (For Taxes) 2020

Each year the tax-filing deadline is April 15th. Almost anyone who has filed taxes before knows about the April 15th deadline. Did you know that the IRS doesn’t start accepting [...]
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ACA Insurance Explained

Post sponsored by Xpress Health & Life, Nixa MO ACA Insurance Explained 1. What is ACA Insurance? 2. How Can I purchase ACA Insurance? 3. Income & Payback Requirements 1. [...]
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Phantom Income….. What?

Phantom Income….. What? Unless you’re an accountant or been a victim to phantom income, you’ve probably never heard of it. Phantom income is money that is never received by an [...]
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Payroll 101

What Exactly is Payroll, Anyways?  Payroll is the process in which an employer pays an employee for work done. As soon as you have your first employee, there is a [...]
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