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CoronaVirus Stimulus Package Updates:

IRS Coronavirus website:

Link for taxpayer’s to enter direct deposit information:

Link for non-taxpayer’s to enter direct deposit information:

*This website may not work for some individuals. If it does not work for you, read this CNBC article on why this tool is not working for everyone. 

MO Department of Labor Coronavirus Website:

Up to date info:

How to videos:

To submit claims:

SBA Loan information – Paycheck Protection Program

Paycheck Protection Program Loan Application: Borrower Paycheck Protection Program Application (v1)

*Please consult with your CPA before you fill out this application!!

Coronavirus Letter sent to Jenkins CPA payroll clients: Payroll Client Email

Use this form if your current address is different from the address on your 2018 or 2019 Tax Return and you do not have direct deposit on your tax return. This will ensure your applicable Coronavirus Stimulus Payment check is sent to the most accurate address. IRS Change of Address f8822

Check out the following series of videos where Heather Jenkins, CPA explains the new changes in regards to the Coronavirus Stimulus Package

Part 1: Individual Stimulus Payments

Part 2: Small Business Changes

Part 3: SBA Loans

Part 4: Retirement

Part 5: Student Loans

Part 6: Charitable Contributions

Part 7: Misc – NOL, Business Interest, College Grants, HSA


Federal Tax Refund Status


Missouri Tax Refund Status


Determining FAFSA Dependency


An excellent option for dependent tax returns. File taxes online for less at


Internal Revenue Service



U.S. Small Business Administration


US Department of Labor (Wages)


MO Department of Revenue


General guidelines for donated goods valuation


Federal Tax Refund Status


Mileage Reimbursement Rate

2020: $0.575 / mile

2019: $0.58 / mile

2018: $0.545 / mile

2017: $0.535 / mile

2016: $0.575 / mile

2015: $0.575 / mile

2014: $0.56 / mile

2013: $0.565 / mile

2012: $0.555 / mile