Tax Filing in Springfield AreaThere are several ways you can file taxes that can guarantee you get the most out of your tax return at a rate that fits your budget and needs.

Depending on your tax filing needs, there are five different ways that you can file your taxes that can assist you in the process. These tax filing methods include both free and paid options. If you need immediate tax filing questions or services please contact our tax office.

Free Tax Filing Options

Free tax filing options are a great source for taxpayers who have experience in filing taxes, do not have complicated tax situations.

Filing Yourself

If you don’t require any assistance because you are familiar with the process of tax filing this might be the right method for you. You can complete the e-file online or you can compare a paper tax return by completing a 1040EZ form and mailing it in.

Both options provide a quick and free way for experienced filers to file their taxes.

Free File Alliance

The Free File Alliance is great for non-business owners looking for a little assistance that don’t have any complicated tax situations and want to save money when filing their taxes. This alliance partners with the IRS and provides tax preparation software and free e-filing to taxpayers with an income of less than $64,000 per year. All you have to do is log into the website, enter all of your tax information, and prepare an e-file return yourself.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Clinic

If you want a more personable approach that will provide you with the most guidance at no cost, then the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Clinic is a great option that can save you both time and money, and give you the reassurance you need. These clinics are sponsored by the IRS are provided through local universities that are enabling student preparers to have the opportunity to prepare tax returns for real clients. Graduate assistants and professors review each tax return, so you can have a high degree of confidence that your tax return is correctly prepared. If you have an income below $53,505 per year, and meet a few other guidelines, you can qualify for this program and get your taxes prepared free of charge.

Tax Software

Tax software such as Turbo-Tax, is a popular option that provides online guidance for taxpayers who are comfortable with their own taxes, are familiar with the process, and do not have a lot of changes that need to be made to previous years’ taxes. These programs have an interview based software that will ask you questions about your life, your year, and anything that is needed to identify what forms you need to complete in order to save you the most money on your tax return.

Paid Tax Filing Options

Paid Tax filing options are a great source for taxpayers who want more assistance in filing their taxes, a better guarantee that they are receiving their maximum tax return, or have a complex tax situation, such as being a business owner. A few of these options offer online scheduling to make it more convenient for you to schedule a time that fits your needs.

National Chains

If you want that more personal interaction and would feel a little more comfortable having someone with more experience assist you, there are national chains, such as H&R Block, where you can pay someone with training to prepare your forms for you. These chains provide a relatively inexpensive way to get your taxes prepared and can usually be found in shopping centers during tax season.

CPA Firms

For business owners or anyone wanting to ensure their taxes are being handled by a fully certified professional, a local CPA firm is definitely the way to go. CPA firms are usually less expensive than national chains and are available year round. If you have any problems, need assistance with a letter you received from the IRS, if there is an audit, or anything related, your local CPA is always there and is available to help. Local CPAs also generally have a knowledge of the local area, businesses, and other things that can be of benefit to you if you have a business or are thinking about starting one. We hope this helped you find a tax filing method that is right for you. If you have any questions about any of these services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our focus is to equip the Springfield area with the necessary tools and resources they need in order to make filing taxes stress free.